Our Bagpipe Apps

Released early June 2014 - currently only available for iOS

Bagpipe-Basics teaches you the fundamentals of the Scottish great Highland bagpipe, Irish Warpipe or ‘píob mhòr’ (Gaelic pronunciation included in the app). You will learn its fingering, notation and how to play the scale. A listening-skill game challenges your ear and a quiz your knowledge on the finger positions of the bagpipe chanter with reference to their notation. More.

Released early July 2014 - currently only available for iOS

The Canntaireachd Tutor introduces you to the Campbell Canntaireachd, an ancient codified pipers’ language, contextualised with its corresponding staff notation and terminology. Listen to Allan MacDonald singing its vocabulary and become fluent in this unique learning, teaching and memorising system. You can challenge what you have learned through three self-testing games. More.

Released end of October 2014 - currently only available for iOS

Light Music Technique will challenge your knowledge on the finger technique common to the ‘light music’ repertoire of the great Highland bagpipe. Additional benefits are chanter animations and audio material on all flashcards played by Allan MacDonald. Furthermore, this app will introduce you to the concept of 'beat position' and the fingering of accidentals (like 'c-' and 'f-natural'). More.

To be released in spring 2015

The Bagpipe-App is a compendium of the building blocks of the great Highland bagpipe tradition. This resource allows you to interrelate the terminology, rhythmic subtleties, finger technique, canntaireachd and the notation through an ‘atomistic approach’, presenting you with 'the vocabulary that makes the poem' as it were. A succinct while encompassing way of learning!