Available since July 2014

The Canntaireachd Tutor introduces you to the Campbell Canntaireachd, an ancient codified pipers’ language, contextualised with its corresponding staff notation and terminology. Listen to Allan MacDonald singing the Campbell Canntaireachd vocabulary and become fluent in this unique learning, teaching and memorising system. You can challenge what you have learned through three self-testing games. Additionally, a reference section allows you to quickly find and identify any vocable of the Campbell Canntaireachd.


There are several benefits from learning the Campbell Canntaireachd. The importance of singing or chanting an instrumental tune in order to explore ways of expressing it has been highlighted by numerous cultures. Furthermore, literacy in the Campbell Canntaireachd will allow you to access one of the earliest and most important primary sources of pibroch: You will be able to read and play directly from the Campbell Canntaireachd manuscript, which has been made available online in PDF-format (CC Volume 1 / CC Volume 2). You will encounter variations of pieces that differ from what has been published on the score. Additionally, you will come across numerous tunes that have not been published at all and that can only be found in this manuscript. Be part of re-discovering this truly traditional bagpipe music, re-introducing it to the piping community.


Besides working with the Campbell Canntaireachd itself, using canntaireachd / your voice in general will allow you to discover and consequently apply more expression to your bagpipe music. Furthermore, canntaireachd will help you to memorise tunes more easily, as you will be able to memorise word chains using its vocabulary.


As a user of this app you will be granted access to a password proteced area. It includes audio recordings of a number of opening phrases from pibroch grounds sung using canntaireachd. It also includes links to the corresponding page in the Campbell Canntaireachd manuscript.


You can contact the authors directly through the app.


The Canntaireachd Tutor includes:

  • All of the Campbell Canntaireachd vocabulary in written and sung form (including 'new' vocables that seem to have been overseen in past publications)
  • A study section that allows you to work FROM or TO the canntaireachd vocabulary
  • A self-testing section with three games that allow you to monitor your learning progress in a fun way
  • A broad introduction to canntaireachd and the Gaelic terminology as used by pipers (including Gaelic pronunciation)
  • A reference section structured by both the Campbell Canntaireachd vocabulary and the terminology used by pipers
  • All audio recordings (Gaelic, canntaireachd) as well as the handwriting by Allan MacDonald
  • Languages currently available: English, German

The Canntaireachd Tutor requires:

  • iPhone 3GS or later
  • iPad 1st generation or later
  • iPod touch 3rd generation or later
  • iOS 5.1.1. or later
  • ca. 13 MB of space

Link to the English version of the Canntaireachd Tutor in the App Store