Available since October 2014

'Light Music Technique' will teach you the finger technique of the Scottish ‘great Highland bagpipe’ or Irish ‘Warpipe’ as well as the Border/Reel and Scottish smallpipes. It extends the scale of the pipes from a nine note (standard scale) to a fourteen note extended scale including the addition of five accidentals. Furthermore, it introduces you to the important concept of 'beat position'. The concept of 'beat position' will have a positive effect on your expression of the music. The beat position of each embellishment is indicated in the notated examples and a metronome, accompanying the audio examples, enhances the learning experience. This innovative approach allows you to grasp the rhythmic subtleties of Scottish piping.


All terminology and notation is augmented with audio recordings and chanter animation. The chanter recordings have been made with a Deger chanter played by Allan MacDonald. Several innovative self-testing games allow you to challenge your listening- and notation-skills as well as your understanding of the pipers terminology.


'Light Music Technique' includes:

  • Fingering for the standard scale as well as five accidentals
  • All of the standard finger technique common to the light music repertoire of the great Highland bagpipe
  • The beat position for every embellishment
  • Building upon the listening-skill tool from Bagpipe Basics with more advanced listening-skill tests
  • Three additional self-testing games
  • All audio recordings (Gaelic pronounciation, chanter playing) as well as the handwriting by Allan MacDonald
  • Languages currently available: English, German

 'Light Music Technique' requires:

  • iPhone 3GS or later
  • iPad 1st generation or later
  • iPod touch 3rd generation or later
  • iOS 5.1.1. or later
  • ca. 30 MB of free space 

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