7th of April 2015 – Fin Moore

We would like to thank Fin Moore for trying and reviewing our app 'Light Music Technique'. He commented: "Lots of great information with the app about piping. I really like the part where you have to listen to a note and then say which one it is, as I think it will really help folk if they want to learn things by ear."

12th of January 2015 – Dr. Angus MacDonald

We would like to thank Angus MacDonald for trying and reviewing the 'Canntaireachd Tutor'. He commented: "I was intrigued by this app and now feel I have a greater understanding of what canntaireachd is and how that understanding can help interpretation of tunes. I would recommend this to pipers at an early stage as well as pipers who have already explored Piobaireachd."

6th of December 2014 – Dr. Jack Taylor

(President of the Piobaireachd Society)

We would like to thank Jack Taylor for trying and reviewing the 'Canntaireachd Tutor'. He commented: "You get a good mix of the detailed and the basics, and I found myself coming up to speed quite quickly using the learning section. I would recommend it to anybody who

wants to get to know more about it."