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Communicating piping in the 21st century

Allan MacDonald of Glenuig
Allan MacDonald of Glenuig

Bagpipe-Apps is a joined project by pipers Allan MacDonald of Glenuig (Scotland) and Thomas Zöller (Germany). It was made possible through funding from Creative Scotland. Our mission is to deliver new teaching material for the great Highland bagpipe using modern technology.


Unlike the classical tutor book, devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs allow to convey information beyond the written word. Thinking along those lines, we felt that piping should be transmitted in a refreshing way – using these devices with their technical resources. 


We then moved on to create digital flashcards in the format of applications (apps) that, besides text, include graphics, animation, audio and notation examples. To enhance the learning experience, we decided to design little games that make it fun to study with.

Thomas Zöller
Thomas Zöller

Besides the new format of presentation, the content of our apps intends to fill gaps in the teaching material available – ranging from canntaireachd to accidentals, from 19th century finger technique to modern suggestions, from the new concept of beat position to the dissection of the internal rhythms (or pulses) of embellishments.


Another feature of our apps is the Gaelic language. Its prosody has had a strong bearing on the rhythmic subtleties of bagpipe music. In our apps we provide audio recordings of its pronunciation that offer direct access even for those that have not been exposed to this celtic language so far.  


Our first three apps, 'Bagpipe Basics', the 'Canntaireachd Tutor' and 'Light Music Technique', are available now through the App-Store. They currently run on Apple devices using iOS only (iPad, iPod touch and iPhone). 


If you need any support, please contact us via the contact form.


With the very best wishes, 

Allan and Thomas



Latest News

6th of December – Feedback from Dr. Jack Taylor

We would like to thank Jack Taylor (President of the Piobaireachd Society) for trying and reviewing the Canntaireachd Tutor. He commented: "You get a good mix of the detailed and the basics, and I found myself coming up to speed quite quickly using the learning section.  I would recommend it to anybody who wants to get to know more about it."

28th of October – Third app released

Light Music Technique will challenge your knowledge on the finger technique common to the ‘light music’ repertoire of the great Highland bagpipe. Additional benefits are chanter animations and audio material on all flashcards played by Allan MacDonald. Furthermore, this app will introduce you to the concept of 'beat position' and the fingering of accidentals (like 'c-' and 'f-natural').

22nd of September: Interview on PlanetPipe

Thanks to Lorne MacDougall for an informative podcast on our Apps!

You can listen to the show here.

08th of June – Pipesdrums.com

"Pipes | Drums" has reviewed our apps. Thanks for the great feedback!

Link to the article reviewing our bagpipe apps.